To Turn Around and Look Up

A wonderful accounting of both the huge challenges of being human and the beyond imaginable greatness we are heading to and destined for. May the great Divine Love and Divine Plan inspire our steps to Mastery

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What do I see outside my window?

Instructions: Go to the nearest window. Look outside. What is the most interesting thing you see? What is the least interesting thing? If you don’t have a window, close your eyes and imagine one: what do you see when you look through

When I close my eyes, although I could imagine something, I vastly prefer to see the Light of the Universe which creates and sustains all existence. Although the infinite number of creative possibilities are ever available, I greatly prefer to see the Cause of all things. The love that that is and the love of my personality for that outreaches everything. Without this generating Source nothing would be, and with it everything is, so it clearly is the ultimate love. And when it is understood that that is the I AM that I AM and that everyone is that love, the love grows even greater, for we have transcended the world of illusion and death and remembered our home and True Self. And that is what is most worthy of our attention.

                                            I and my Father are one
                                            and there is no other.
                                            My sister and my brother and my enemy
                                            are me,
                                            and we are a unity
                                            And when the world remembers this,
                                            we will all return to originating Bliss.
Happy 4th of July Everyone and thanks for stopping by!
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What is Most Important?

    Blog Title:  What is most Important?

There are so many things that demand our attention, but what is the most important thing we could place our attention upon. Well. it’s clearly what enables us to be, to see, to heart, to think, and do. Obviously there is something primary that is the cause of all things. Well, what is that? You could call it Life, God, Truth, Energy, Awareness, but what is that? Most of us just don’t know because it can’t be accessed with the senses or  thinking, so we don’t access it and therefore it doesn’t really exist for us. But it is knowable and experienceable and the experience makes everything in life more comprehensible and easier. So, do you have an open mind? If you do, wouldn’t you like to find that key missing piece. If so, can assist.

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Topic #172 What I had feared

What have you feared that turned out to be much easier than you expected?

Topic #172:

What have you feared that turned out to be much easier than you expected?

I had been in college for 10 years. I turned in my dissertation on the Function of the Knight in Chaucer‘s Canterbury Tales for my Ph.D. and they said I wasn’t done. My heart screamed, “I’m done; I quit.” A little scary it was throwing out 10 long years of diligent work, but it led to living on the road for 12 years without working and no money for the majority of the time. Now, that’s a real education. I lost out financially when I ultimately went back to teaching, but I have never regretted that heart-felt decision, and it has made my life much easier.


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Do You believe in Free Will?

Yes, I believe in free will, but it’s only provable when someone reaches and experiences their Source-Self. Without that level of awareness, you can only trust and have faith in the love, wisdom, and perfection of the universe. But when you experience that infinite dimension of yourself, you know it is so absolutely, unconditionally loving that it would never make us into a choice-less robot. The big question, is “if God is good , how come there is so much suffering?” And the answer to that question is because we have free will and have subconsciously attracted to ourselves what we would never consciously choose. So, I can’t prove to anyone that there is free will, but I can help them experience their Source-Self, which will enable them to know there is free will for themselves

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Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything happens for a wonderful reason because we live in a wonderful and perfect universe. It doesn’t seem that way from the 3rd dimension, not at all. But when we learn how to raise our awareness to who we really are, we begin to remember and understand the perfection of life. We create everything that happens to us. That’s a hard one to accept because we think, why would I create what I don’t like or enjoy? What we don’t understand is that the buried thoughts in our subconscious mind is the attracter of all our circumstances. I can help anyone experience their subconscious mind and transform the limiting patterns therein. I also have a free MP3 that teaches you how to have, be, and do anything you want to have, be, and do.

So what’s stopping you from sending your email address to me and growing evermore consistently happy?

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My Daily Posts

Title: I’m Posting every day in 2011!

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog once a day / once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.


Michael Robbins

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