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Michael Robins uragreat12@gmail.com



5 Responses to About/Contact Me

  1. Michael I am so glad I am able to contact you and you get back to me right away.

  2. My name is Jenna, I seen you hopped by my blog and subscribed. I wanted to come and thank you 🙂 So, thanks!! I see you post from the Daily Post, and I do too! I hope to continue seeing you throughout the community and I will be coming by. Thanks again and I have subscribed to you as well.

  3. starbear says:

    Hello Michael!
    Thank you for the “likes” on my blog ! Our paths have crossed several times… we are actually fb friends… have been for over a year! LOL! I think we actually enrolled in an online course together last year – it must be forgettable, since I can’t remember the name of it while I remembered yours! 🙂

  4. starbear says:

    Now I am confused? Is this Jackie Paulson’s blog or Michael Robinson’s… Jackie? Thank you for the “likes”… confused.

  5. bulldozer00 says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Thanx for stoppin’ by fellow “postaday2011” colleague.

    When I first signed up to write a post a day, I thought it would be really tough. However, since I “think” know everything there is to know about everything, I’m actually finding it easy 🙂

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